About the Amsterdam Economic Board

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has all of the key assets to be an innovative and economically-strong region. Thanks to strong clusters, the Amsterdam Area can play a pioneering role both nationally and internationally. In order to fully exploit this potential, collaboration between governmental agencies, research institutions and the trade and industry sector is essential.

Under the umbrella of the Amsterdam Economic Board (the Board), representatives from governmental agencies, research institutes and the business world have jointly taken responsibility to work towards strengthening the economy of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Board strives to stimulate and support sustainable collaboration, innovation and growth in the region, and strengthen international competitiveness.

Eight strong clusters

In order to give shape to the region’s ambitions, eight main economic clusters were designated for the Amsterdam Area. Sustainability, the primary driving force behind innovation, is a significant theme evident in all of them.
The clusters are:

Members of the Board

The members of the Amsterdam Economic Board are representatives from businesses, knowledge institutes and government authorities in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. They have joined forces in this strong and ambitious collaboration.
Meet the members of the Board

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Photo: Luchtfoto Amsterdam in de winter, by Cris Toala Olivares.  Source: Mediabank.amsterdammarketing.org