Smart Data, Smart City #1 – Citizens & Data

In the Smart City, smart citizens, data and technology are the biggest enablers. That is why Amsterdam Smart City and Datalab joined forces to organize six ‘Smart Data, Smart City’ events in 2017. This event on Citizens and Data is the first one of the series.

What role should data play in the life of citizens? How can we involve the citizen in the development of a smart city? Which type of smart city projects are suitable for citizens to play a role in? How important is it for companies to incorporate the citizen? Citizens can be involved in the development of the city in a number of ways. In some initiatives citizens are very empowered, in other initiatives they are involved, but less aware.


  • Waag Society on Citizen Science – citizens measuring gamma radiation
  • City of Amsterdam – Crowd management during SAIL2015
  • Pitch: Maak je Stad!
  • Pitch: Toogethr
  • Pitch: A-Lab on their new Blockchain Lab



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