The 2nd IoT Olympic Games

Amsterdam IoT Living Lab (Glimworm, HvA, Odine) accelerate smart city IoT solutions by engaging developers and citizens in public spaces. Using a bottom up, crowd sourcing approach to innovate by “sandboxing” the city.

Internet of Things

Let’s prove to the world that IoT can make a massive impact on society. Bring your passion and ideas to the marineterrein for a weekend of creative collaboration. Amsterdam IoT Living Lab is getting the maker community together to rapid prototype creative IoT solutions. Use state of the art facilities from Makerversity, Glimworm Beacons, Trakkies and more.


Day 1 – 23 April Masterclasses & symposium
Become an IoT developer. Bring your ideas and get hands on with IoT technology for both beginners and experts.

Day 2 – 24 April IoT Olympics prototyping & demo day
Bring your team and build a prototype of an IoT solution. Then…battle other teams for IoT Olympics glory!

Join us for a fun and exciting weekend of social IoT innovation!

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