Jobs of the Future

The EU is important for the Talent for the Future Challenge of the Amsterdam Economic Board. Our ambition is to have the most most adaptive and appealing labour market of Europe in 2025. For this, we deploy various activities. Over 140 regional stakeholders work together in 23 initiatives, investing 22 million euro.




About Jobs of the Future

In the Regional Plan ‘Werk Maken van Talent’ (Making Talent Work) we aim to have a functioning labour market with all talent well-educated for the jobs available.

In 2017 we’re investing in field research with our partners the Vrije Universiteit and Randstad. We want to know what the labour market of the future looks like and how trends influence the regional economy. With the research results we develop a future-proof model for education and jobs in our region.

International: living lab for life long learning – place to be for tech talent

The rest of the world and in particular Europe is important for the Talent for the Future Challenge. We develop specific programmes to attract international talent with the right skills for our companies and knowledge & research institutes. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a good place to live and work and very international: over 180 nationalities are living here.
The Amsterdam Economic Board organises with the Vrije Universiteit and Randstad a field study about the jobs of the future and how various trend influence our business and economy. This wil be input for a future-proof labour market model.


We share goals with the EU programmes for Life Long Learning (Erasmus+), because for an adaptive labour market it is essential that our citizens have access to education their whole life, to develop the right skills and stay fit for the job.

Particular focus in our region is on Digital Jobs. As international hub for digital connectivity with one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges AMS-IX, the need for tech and digital talent is obvious. In 2013 we were the first Dutch region to hand over a Pledge for Digital Jobs to Neelie Kroes, then European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda. In 2017, we renewed our Pledge and updated our plans for jobs and talent. This pledge also has a link with our Digital Connectivity Challenge.

For questions on international cooperation in this field, please contact Viktor Bos or Audrie van Veen.


In 2025 the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will have the most adaptive and appealing labour market of Europe. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will be the most successful region in training, retaining and attracting technology talent.

• There is a balanced match in technology talent demand and supply
• Employees will have a high level of digital skills and have access to 21st century education systems to keep their knowledge up to date.
• The metropolitan area is an attractive area for international tech talent to work and live
• Amsterdam has chosen a consortium to form the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS). AMS will attract international talent with a MSc programme (waiting for accreditation at the moment) and is already offering MOOCs and organizing PhD research. Amsterdam will invest €20-50 million in AMS in 10 years, the partners will contribute €200 million in the same period.


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