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The Amsterdam Economic Board is made up of leading directors of academic institutions, company CEOs, alderpersons and mayors from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Together they are devising the strategy for the metropolis of the future.

The Amsterdam Economic Board – or Board for short – was established to streamline the working relationships between the private sector, knowledge institutes and government organisations, with a view to further increasing prosperity and well-being in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA). The Board addresses complex urban issues through innovation and collaboration between the private sector, knowledge institutes and government organisations on the metropolitan scale. The Board focuses on the most urgent challenges and on the fields where parties in the AMA have the expertise, knowledge and manpower to truly make a difference, and that furthermore offer economic growth potential. For every challenge, we have set a target on the horizon, indicating where we want the AMA to be in 2025, when Amsterdam celebrates its 750-year anniversary.

Meet the Board

The Board members are leading CEOs, academics and government officials. Together they set the strategic course, which includes ambitions for five urban challenges for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, to be achieved by 2025. They also commit to one or more challenges related to their own organisation and/or network. The Board members also use their own resources, expertise and networks to realise these ambitions. Members join the Board by invitation; one of the factors playing a role in the selection is the balance within the Board between industry, government and academia.

The Agenda Committee is made up of mandated Board members whose role is to advise the directors of the Amsterdam Economic Board. They also oversee the implementation of policy and the general running of the foundation.

Apart from Board membership, there are also other ways to be actively affiliated with the Board. You are more than welcome to join the Network Council.

Femke Halsema

Femke Halsema

Mayor, Amsterdam

Syro Ronda

Syro Ronda

Young on Boardmember/Member of the Agenda Committee

The team

The Board organisation works with Board members, members of the Network Council and other parties from the region to create the metropolis of the future:

  • We bring together knowledge and people to find smart solutions for our challenges.
  • We push ahead initiatives that fit within the scope of one or more of the five urban challenges, develop new business models and scale up where possible. When initiatives are ‘ripe’, we hand them over to the private sector.
  • We collect and make available data-driven information on growth, innovation and liveability in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Our point of departure is always the mobilisation of energy, ownership and the capacity for implementation within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


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Working together on the metropolis of the future

Join the Amsterdam Economic Board’s Network Council

Would you like to make a difference in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area through innovative projects, and are you looking for partnerships, inspiration or a sounding board to realise your ambitions? Join the Amsterdam Economic Board’s Network Council.

With a rapidly changing society and a metropolitan region attracting a growing number of inhabitants, the importance of cross-sectoral partnerships is increasing. After all, urban challenges can’t be solved by a single party or within a single sector. Innovation happens principally when people with different backgrounds meet, inspire each other and spur each other into action.

Contribute to a strong region

At the Board, you make an active contribution to realising the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s ambitions. Along with the other partners, you launch and develop initiatives relating to the five urban challenges – initiatives that make and keep the region an attractive place to live and work. This means your social engagement with the region is very important. Let’s work together to create a smart, healthy and green Metropolitan Area.

Partner overview

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Marjan Schrama, Relationship Manager


Amsterdam Smart City

Corporate Netwerk

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International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) has been established by the Amsterdam Economic Board to create strong links between the work of the Board and relevant international developments such as the insights of other urban regions. As an adviser, the IAB contributes to developing international networks and strategically positioning the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, the IAB members are valuable ambassadors abroad for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Director – StartupAmsterdam

Young on Board

Young on Board connects young changemakers and experienced decision-makers – because young people bring a different way of approaching things, thinking and working, while the older generation have connections, expertise, experience and the capacity to put plans into action. Bringing the two groups together generates mutual inspiration, and innovative plans can be realised. In this way, they work together to promote economic growth and increase liveability in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Do you have a good idea, plan or startup to make the region stronger, more sustainable and a nicer place to live? Young on Board connects you to the brainpower you need and takes you a hundred steps further. Contact us to find out more!

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