Amal Le Collen

Business Development Manager – International Institute for Learning

I have been implementing changes and new strategies for various corporations in diverse industries for the last 24 years. I love helping companies, developing new businesses and establishing their branches in new countries. In my personal time, I love helping entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to grow and succeed, by bringing in organizations, universities (research), incubators and people together 
I help our clients achieve their growth goals through a few key areas: • Business Development Implementing growth opportunities with a focus on creating and launching new branches, affiliates, in different countries. • Project & Program Management I help organizations to bring value by improving: the execution of strategy, through repeatable, reliable performance and standardization, and the integration within the organization, through elimination of “silos” and better communication and collaboration • Business Processes re-engineering By focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and process to rethink the way they do their work in order to dramatically improve customer service, to cut operational cost and become competitive • CRM To create an environment where Marketing and Sales can work together seamlessly through Lead Management and Lead Qualification, while providing the business with greater access and visibility to business intelligence • Change Management Employing the principles that guide changes within organizations, a process and tools for managing change • Outsourcing I help organization to transfer a service or a production to third party from feasibility study to vendor acquisition and operation Specialities General Management, Leading innovation programs and projects, Business development, Change Management, International Project and Program Management, Outsourcing, CRM and Business Process Improvement 

Sectors: Business services, ICT, Electronics, Education

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