Marjolein Brasz

Business Connectoren - Business Connector Circulaire Economie – Amsterdam Economic Board

With an exploring mind and likewise lifestyle I have filled my working life with a broad range of positions, profit and non-profit, large corporations and small-medium enterprises, global and local, commercial and managerial (leading 25 consultants on sustainable energy). I have been working in the energy business since 2001, initially in the oil & gas industry and later, with new insights gained along the way, in the field of sustainable energy. Working on the energy transition necessary to support a growing population, increased welfare, with limited resources. My current role is trivial as the Circular Economy is about the most efficient use of our scarce resources. No longer should we take, make, use and throw away. Our aim should be to maintain our resources in our economic system for as long as feasible. It is about new and smart design, about waste as valuable resource, about re-using, repairing and refurbishing, about sharing (economy) and the fundamental shift of ownership (services instead of property). Is is about new design, lean and mean, innovative business models and new ways of cooperating. Sustainable growth whilst protecting the environment. It is about a profound transformation of the way our entire economy works. * Profile Photo credits: Misja Beijers


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